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Teresa-Esmeralda Sanchez is a visual artist and award-winning independent documentary filmmaker. Born and raised and New York, she spent a lot of time in the breathtaking Hudson Valley and inspiring New York City. She's a first generation Dominican-American whose passion for storytelling has brought her to different parts of the world. With nearly a decade of experience in all aspects of production, she's worked with networks such as Hulu, Netflix, MSG Channel, the Food Network, CNN, Amazon Prime, and more.


Teresa-Esmeralda’s upcoming short Fixed Point is a mixed media sci-fi horror short film that builds off of her experimental roots, using the analog technique of direct animation to achieve a number of the films VFX. Her documentary directorial debut, "Bradley Eros: The Performance of Cinema" about an experimental artist who honors cinema, premiered at BAM as part of the Brooklyn College Film Festival, featured at the Oscar-qualifying American Documentary Film Festival, selected for the university's Film Retrospective 40th Anniversary in 2023, and featured on CUNY TV.


When she's not busy with her creative pursuits, she explores her artistic side with drawing and printmaking.







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